Email Hosting


With our unique handmade email hosting solution you can create and manage unlimited number of personalized email accounts based on your domain. We will make sure that both your email and website run smoothly on our servers and that your website is safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else!

Mailbox Lite    £3.50 / Month

1GB Mailbox Size | WebMail | Email Forwarding | Mobile and Tablet Compatible
POP Mailboxes | IMAP Mailboxes | Auto Responders

MailBox Advanced    £4.95 / Month

2GB Mailbox Size | WebMail | Email Forwarding | Mobile and Tablet Compatible
POP Mailboxes | IMAP Mailboxes | Auto Responders

MailBox Busines    £7.50 / Month

5GB Mailbox Size |  WebMail | Email Forwarding | Mobile and Tablet Compatible
POP Mailboxes | IMAP Mailboxes | Auto Responders